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Diego Vio and Davide Fuin classic goblets

"Tritone" Alzata goblet with classic Murano techniques 2009

venetian masks

Venetian carnival mask

Venetian mask with crystals decorations, 2005-14



one of the first art glass gallery in Venice

Last update 31 Decembre 2015

Our Venetian shop has been closed by the end of 2015. Thanks to all friends and clients for a wonderful 15 years. Pending orders will be delivered as usual. For every information and shopping support in Venice, please contact us; we will be glad to give all the information you will need.

Hommage to Picasso sculptural blown glass by Francesco e Mario Badioli

Picasso homage sculpture by Badioli

Contemporary battuto vessel

Battuto coldworked vessels

Igor Balbi lamp work

Amazing flame works by Igor Balbi


ORIGINAL MURANO GLASS Art of Venice offers contemporary and classic Venetian artistic glass ENTER GALLERY


Art of Venice Gallery specializes in artistic Murano fine glass tableware, glasses and goblets, artistic sculptures, ornamental bowls, vessels, paperweights and venetian masks, and has the highest quality at most reasonable prices.

Art of Venice Gallery also offers corporate incentive programs, Venetian Murano ART Glass gift vouchers and wedding favors.

Art of Venice Gallery exhibits Venetian artworks by emerging and established artists, master glassmakers and craftsmen working today: Carlo Tosi Caramea, Stefano Toso, Romano Dona, Aureliano Toso, Afro Celotto, Davide Fuin, Alberto Donà, Igor Balbi, Campagnol e Salvadore, Giuliano Tosi, Seguso, Venini, Barbini, Badioli, Diego Vio, Andrea Naccari, Andrea Zilio, Anfora, Luca Zane, Dei Rossi, Ragazzi, Paolo, Pietro e Riccardo Ferro, Marco Vetri d'arte, Ghisetti, Trevisan and Baroncelli, Futura T&B, Tiozzo, VeniceL Studio, Leonardo Cimolin, Tagliapietra and Barovier, Fragile glass studio.

Secondary market studio glass: William Morris, Joel Phillip Meyers, Marvin Lipofsky, Tapio Wirkkala and others.

Murano art glass is mostly free hand blown therefore no visible seams from molds or moulds are present. Silicate glass is heated in an oven to an amorphous and semi-liquid state. The soft glass can be mixed with different powders, affecting transparency, colors and stiffness. These chemical compounds can be added directly in the oven or during the glassblowing process. The Murano artistic glass maker molds the semi-liquid glass, slowly transforming it to a more solid condition, into all kinds of shapes, from scultural vases to tiny beads, goblets or lamps, and a diversity of multi-dimensional sculptures. Pontil marks (puntello) from crimping tools (taglianti and taioli) and other implements used during the creating process, identifies the item as having been handmade. Tools like borselle, pacioffi and pinze stretch and bend the glass and create scallops and decors, locally named, morise. Controlled bubbles, filigrana or filigree, and millefiori murrini, are internal glass blowing techniques that require more specialized skills.

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Azienda veneziana specializzata in vetro artistico conosciunto in tutto il mondo. Nel nostro sito potrete trovare una accurata selezione della migliore produzione muranese.

Occasionalmente compriamo, vendiamo e scambiamo orologi vintage e contemporanei delle migliori marche

Somos una empresa experta en el famoso cristal veneciano, elogiado en todo el mundo. En este sito Uds pueden encontrar una muy atenta selecciòn de la nuestra mejor producciòn.

Art de Venise c'est une compagnie venitiénne pour la commercialisation de Verre d'art. Dans nôtre website vous pouvez trouver la plus soigneé selection des meilleures productions de verre italienne