Davide Fuin classic and traditional venetian blown glass

davide fuin - murano

This page is dedicated to presenting the work of Davide Fuin, an exceptional master glassmaker, the crème de la crème in classic Murano techniques in glassblowing.

Davide Fuin was born in 1962 on Murano island, where he lives and works.

After a long apprenticeship with the best local glassmakers, today he is considered as one of the most skilled masters of the last 30 years.

His specialtie is very fine blown glass using the traditional avventurina, filigree, zanfirico and reticello.

He collaborated with some of the most famous firms as Venini, Toso, Pauly, Salviati, Elite, De Majo, as with international artists and designers.

Every year he spends several weeks for teaching in glass and arts schools around the world. His work has been included in major galleries as in private and museum collections in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, EAU and Australia.

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Classic venetian blown glass

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