Fragile Gallery, one of a kind contemporary art glassworks
  Fragile art glass design by A. Casson
Venice, Italy 

Murano glass design

In this collection the artist has no limits in expressing his own ideas and concepts with the use of the most sophisticated techniques in glassblowing complete potential.
Each piece is one of a kind and comes with the original sketches on paper; it is signed by the artist and by the glassblower.

Selected works available in Art of Venice gallery >>


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Fragile studio was recently included in "50 Distinguished Contemporary Artists in Glass" by Lisa Hoftijzer

"As a part of the publication of a unique book about glass design and making,
Judith Neiswander (British Museum, Fogg) and Caroline Swash (St Matins College, London) invited over 500 contemporary
artists in glass to submit examples of their work to be considered by a major figure in glassmaking for  inclusion in a gallery.

Distinguished appraisers in glass chose 50 artists who, in their opinion, represented the best work of their generation".

Over 450 images from the best resources: Christies, Soteby's, William Morris Gallery, Corning Museum, British Museum.
- For more infos about this book: Intelligent Layman Publisher +44 (0) 20 84056400 -



art glass studio

The Fragile Studio Glass program begins in 2001 to offer quality handblown glass at reasonable prices. Each year one or more of these series are restyled with new features and designes.
"Though the influence of our gallery collection, as of other glass artists we work with, is obvious, we try to balance a contemporary and advanced style with a pricing within range of most collectors
The success of the first few years prompted us to continue to expand this collection."
The Studio Editions are limited in number; due to the process involved in handblowing, with no use of mouls, each individual piece varies in color, size, and shape and therefore it should be considered unique.

Selected works available in Art of Venice gallery >>

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