William Morris, Joel Phillip Meyers, Marvin Lipodsky and several other international glass artists. Here on line. Direct "collector to collector" contact. 

International Artists section

Items available for consignment*

Artist More details
Collin Reed artwork CY58 Contemporary art glass Collin Reed
Contemporary art CY57 Contemporary art glass Collin Heaney
Contemporary art verre CY56 Contemporary art glass Vincent Leon Olmstead
Contemporary art verre CY55 Contemporary art glass Javier Gomez
Contemporary art verre CY53 Contemporary art glass Joel Phillip Meyers
Contemporary art crystal CY51 Contemporary art glass William Morris
Contemporary art crystal CY54 Contemporary art glass Marvin Lipofsky
Contemporary art crystal CY52 Contemporary art glass William Morris

* Pieces from these artists are housed in the USA and are available to be shipped anywhere within North America.
The items listed in this page are offered as consignment.
We provide you a direct contact to the legit owner to verify price, conditions and availability.

Not only Murano glass

Welcome to our International Artists Section. We are proud to offer works from some of the most recognized artists working in glass today. Weather you are interested in historically important pieces from the artists early career or some of the newest pieces from their portfolio you can find them in this section.


The world of contemporary glass art is growing. Our intention with these linked pages is to provide the collector or the enthusiast with some important information to access to that world and understand it.

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