Murano glass. Corporate gifts and incentives: paperweights, picture frames, clocks, plates, bottle stopper, goblets

Murano glass masters

Below is a list of today’s major Venetian Murano glass masters, with descriptions of their technical skills.


Name Kind of production Style  
Fragile art glass Furnace, cold work, "battuto"; vases,vessels, sculptures,lamps, mixed media arts Contemporary, classic Details
Aureliano Toso Furnace; sculptures,vases,lamps,chadelieres Contemporary, classic  
Stefano Toso Furnace;sculptures, vases,vessels Contemporary  
Romano Donà Furnace;sculptures, vases,vessels Contemporary  
G.C. Tagliapietra Furnace; vases,vessels,bowls,sculptures Contemporary  
Carlo Tosi "Caramea" Furnace; goblets,"tipetto",very light glass Classic venetian Details
Davide Fuin Furnace; goblets,"tipetto",very light glass,vases * Classic venetian Details
Ibiscus Lampworks; goblets, miniatures, animals, small lampwork Contemporary, classic Details
Alberto Donà Furnace; vases,vessels,sculptures,lamps Contemporary, classic  
Salvadore Studio Furnace; vases,vessels,bowls,sculptures, small bottles,miniature items * Contemporary  
Giuliano Tosi Furnace; sculptures,vases,vessels,heavy glass Contemporary  
Ferro Coldwork. engraving and carving, fusing * Contemporary  
Diego Vio Furnace; goblets,"tipetto",very light glass,vases * Classic, contemporary  
Andrea Naccari Furnace; goblets,"tipetto",very light glass,vases Classic, contemporary  
Ballarin Furnace; goblets,"tipetto",very light glass,vases Classic venetian  
3 fiori Paperweights,vases Classic venetian  
Zilio Furnace Contemporary, classic  
Tina Corrado Lampwork, jewelry, silver craft Contemporary Details
Perini Lampwork, jewelry Contemporary, classic  
Seguso Furnace; goblets, vessels, vases, bowls Classic venetian style  
Afro Celotto Furnace Contemporary Details
Cesare Sent Fusing Contemporary  
Hans Peter Neidhardt Furnace, fusing; vases,bowls,plates,paperweights, lamps Contemporary  
Studio Salvadore Furnace Contemporary  
Sergio Tiozzo Fusing, cold works Contemporary  
Baroncelli, Ghisetti, Trevisan Fusing, cold works Contemporary  
Ragazzi Fusing Contemporary  
Bruno Barovier Artistic photos, painting, fusing Contemporary  
* artists cooperation with Fragile studio


As Venice was already an important trading port in the 9th century, Murano glass expanded its reputation and subsequently created a monopoly on several secret glassmaking techniques for many centuries to come. Today, artisans of Murano glass are still employing centuries old technical methods. For instance clear crystal glass, multicolored glass (murrine, millefiori and mosaic), filigree, reticello and zanfirico glass, enameled glass (3 fuochi), glass with gold leaf applications (foglia oro) , glass with sparkly copper powders (avventurina), and heavy layered glass (sommerso) are readily made.

Apprentices (called servente or garzonetto) have to work at least fifteen years with a master before earning the title of Venetian Murano glass master, but this long furnace (fornasa) experience does not represent a guarantee to achieve the Murano Maestro title. The Murano glass furnace training emphasizes importance on repetition as a highly essential discipline, in order to achieve high standard of general craftsmanship skills. Like for instance, technical competence, aesthetic finesse and artistic design; as being the absolute foundation of Murano glass arts.

Murano glass products are world famous for their exquisite quality, fabulous colors and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Murano glass reaches out to many products of high standard quality. Artistic Murano glass can be blown, fused, slumped, cut, engraved, or etched. Colored glass is achieved by adding selected chemical compounds to silica before or during melting. This requires incredible accuracy when it comes to proportions and timing.

Murano glass artists create functional items and most unique decorative glass objects, either two-dimensional or three-dimensional, or very small scale delicate miniatures.