Classic Murano vases, centerpieces and glassworks available in our gallery

Murano glass classic vases and centrepieces

Most often murano glass items listed in our web pages are in available and can be shipped within a few days. Some items have to be produced and an estimate delivery time of four weeks is needed. ArtofVenice welcomes your inquiries and appreciates your patience.

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Verones vase DF05R "Veronese" classic venetian vase 790
filigree blown glass DF07L "Bolla in filigrana 4" vase 890
traditional made in Venice centerpiece VC011 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
filigree bottle DF04R "Bolla in filigrana 3" bottle 680
glass centerpiece VC010 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
Veronese in filigree DF05L "Veronese" vase, filigree version 890
venetian glass VC04 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
Classic venetian glass bottle VC012dfb Classic Murano blown glass 690
DF06 "Veronese" vase, filigree version 890
Classic venetian verre bottle VC014df Classic Murano glass bottle 690
italian verre VC07 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
DF08 "Museum" classic decanter 1280
italian verre VC012 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
italian verre VC03 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
DF09L "Filigrana " Murano glass vase 680
italian verre VC06 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
Classic italian verre bottle VC013dfb Traditional Murano glass 690
Classic italian verre VC023 Classic Murano glass "alzata" 390
DF09R "Fazzoletto in filigrana " Murano glass bowl 680
V01v "Veronese" vase (medium size) 790
DF01R "Veronese" vase (medium size) 690
V02v "Veronese" vase (medium size) 790
DF03R "Museum" decanter 1280
Classic italian crystal bottle VC012dfa Classic Murano glass bottle 690
DF04L "Bolla in filigrana 1" vase 680
DF01C "Libellula" vase (medium size) 690
Classic italian crystal bottle VC011df Classic Murano blown glass 690
DF03L "Museum" Bottle 1280
DF04C "Bolla in filigrana 2" vase 680
DF01L "Cigno" vase (medium size) 750
VV01A "Veronese" Murano glass vase 790
made in italy crystal VC05 Murano glass "alzata" centerpiece 440
Classic made in italy crystal bottle VC013dfa Classic Murano glass bottle 690