Contemporary art glass vessels and vases available in our gallery

contemporarY Murano glass vessels and vases

Normally, murano glass items listed in our web pages are in stock and can therefore be shipped within a few days. Some have to be produced and an estimate delivery time of four weeks is needed. ArtofVenice welcomes your inquiries and appreciates your patience.

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coldworked glass V0101 "Anima2" contemporary art glass
 sculpted work V02 "Nocella" sculpted vessel 550
Contemporary blown vase VNG03 Murano glass vase 390
coldworked vase VFT02V65 "Battuto" collezione 2012
overlayed glasswork V015df "Intrecciato" Murano glass vase 690
miniature  bowl. V0114 "Opale" miniature art glass bowl. SOLD
V08 "Sommerso" Murano glass vase 690
glass plate S046C20 "Profilo" Murano glass plate 790
Overlayed glass bottle V018df "Intrecciato" Murano glass bottle 690
contemporary craft V0102 "Leggero" contemporary art glass vase 590
Filigree vase with neck V012df Filigree vase with neck 490
Sfregolona glass bowl P013 "Sfregolona" Murano glass bowl 248
venetian glass vase VNG05 Murano glass vase 390
V056 "Bamboo" glass canoa 390
venetian verre vase VNG02 Murano glass vase 390
VFT05V65 "Battuto" collezione 2012
V0118 "Mini Bamboo" contemporary art glass
V011 "Canoa battuta" contemporary art glass
VP01 "Dalmazia" asymmetrical canoa plate 490
V007C15 "Amedeo" Murano glass vase 690
P014 "Trasparenze" Murano glass bowl 248
V011C30 "Luani" Murano glass vase 1390
VSBP85G12A "Free" Murano glass vase 480
V036 "Terra 10" contemporary art glass 1350
V06 "Sommerso" Murano glass vase 690
V030A35CM11 "Ridi blu" Murano glass vase 540
V0104 "Scozzese" bowl in "battuto" glass 440
V035 "Terra 10" contemporary art glass 890
V021 "Terra 8" contemporary art glass 890
V034bis "Dalmazia" canoa shaped plate 450
VFT03V65 "Battuto" collezione 2012
V0106 "Rete ritorta" (B1) Murano glass vase 640
C004 "Vortice" Murano glass plate 540
GV05 "Cicio" Murano glass mini vase 240
V016df "Intrecciato" Murano glass vase 690
V040A34CM26 "Omage P1" Murano glass vase 1280
V030C35CM11 "Ridi rosso" Murano glass vase 540
V017df "Intrecciato" Murano glass vase 690
Green verre canoa plate V0133 Green glass canoa plate 550
GV01 "Lolo" Murano glass mini vase 240
P014b "Trasparenze" Murano glass bowl 440
V045b "Amety" contemporary art glass
italian verre vase VNG06 Murano glass vase 390
V014df "Intrecciato" Murano glass vase 690
GV010 "Steri" Murano glass mini vase 240
V035A48CM15 "Opaku" Murano glass vase 680
V031xa "Irok" contemporary art glass
Filigree V011df Filigree "fazzoletto" vase 490
V0110 "Scozzese" Murano glass bowl 440
VSBP85G12B "Free" Murano glass vase 560
P015 "Marrakech" Murano glass bowl 248
V012xa "Pingu 2" contemporary art glass
VFT04V65 "Battuto" collezione 2012
V031 "Fuoco13" contemporary art glass 890
V030B35CM11 "Ridi giallo" Murano glass vase 540
V030xa "Stagno" contemporary art glass
VFT01V65 "Battuto" collezione 2012
White filigree plate PB01 White filigree plate 390
italian crystal vase VNG04 Murano glass vase 390
C005 "Vortice" Murano glass plate 640
V07 "London" contemporary art glass "canoa" 890
V024x "Acqua 4" contemporary art glass 890
glass vase VNG01 Murano glass vase 390
V037 "Filigree" art glass vessel ++++ HOLD
V038 "Ambrato" art glass vessel ++++ HOLD
P0R01 "Gigio" murano glass plate 290
VSBP85G12C "Free" Murano glass vase 560
V001C85 "Minisbruffi" Murano glass vase 390
V034 "Dalmazia" canoa shaped plate 440
V055 "Bamboo" glass canoa. 550
GV015 "Pallin" Murano glass mini vase 240
V0113 "Anima blue 5" contemporary art glass
V013df "Intrecciato" Murano glass vase 690